How To Help An Alcoholic Who Refuses Help

Man consoling woman on a couch.

In our society, almost every social event or outing is fueled by alcoholic beverages and drinking these days, so it’s no surprise that alcoholism is on the rise. According to Alcoholism Statistics: An estimated 6.6 million children under 18 live in households with at least one alcoholic parent. About 43% of adults in the US (76 million people) have had a … Read More

Is It Possible To Find A Cure For Addiction and Alcoholism?

is there a cure for addiction?

It has long been a question for scientists and doctors—is there a cure for addiction and alcoholism? When it comes to diseases, some have clear medical treatments and cures, while others, like addiction, do not. Merriam-Webster defines a cure as “something (such as a drug or medical treatment) that stops a disease and makes someone healthy again.” Based on that … Read More

Klonopin and Alcohol: A Dangerous and Deadly Combination

klonopin and alcohol

If your loved one was using prescription drugs and drinking alcohol right now, how would you know? No matter the number of conversations you may have had with a loved one, you and I both know they will always be faced with choices and pressure from their peers. Alcohol or popping pills can be seen as a way to fit … Read More

The Health Risks Associated With Binge Drinking

health risks of binge drinking

Alcohol is a unique kind of poison. The health risks involved with drinking it are well-documented. Even with a possible link between certain types of alcohol and heart health, the risks still outweigh the benefits. But if even moderate drinking isn’t that beneficial, what can excessive alcohol use like binge drinking do to the body? Binge drinking is dangerous The National Institute … Read More

Does Alcohol Affect Blood Pressure?

alcoholism blood pressure hypertension

While many older Americans will naturally have rising blood pressure as they age, there are numerous behaviors which contribute to hypertension (unhealthy elevated blood pressure) for younger and middle-aged adults. It is common to associate things such as frequent smoking and high levels of salt in our diets with hypertension, but what is less known is that regular alcohol use … Read More

How Does Alcohol Affect Males?

alcohol health risks for men

Alcohol abuse can be destructive for people of any identity, and it certainly doesn’t discriminate in harming health and livelihoods—but thanks to the way in which gender impacts our lives, there are certain acute ways in which it’s specifically harmful for men. As a man who lived under alcoholism’s power for almost a decade of my youth, I’ve experienced some … Read More

Why You Should Never Detox From Alcohol At Home

why you shouldn't detox from alcohol at home

Dripping sweat, headaches, overcome with guilt, shame, and emotion, unsure about what direction your life is taking. Detoxing from alcohol can be tough. What’s even tougher is making the decision to get sober. When you decide enough is enough and you’re ready to make that change, there are a lot of unknowns ahead. If you’ve become physically dependent on alcohol, … Read More

How To Overcome Alcohol Withdrawal

how to overcome alcohol withdrawal (coping strategies)

The decision and process of getting sober from alcohol can be scary. Most people who drink, especially heavily, have a hard time quitting because alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be difficult to navigate. Often the fear of alcohol detox can send people right back into their habits of alcohol abuse. Learning how to overcome alcohol withdrawal is the first step towards … Read More

Delirium Tremens and Alcohol Withdrawal: Symptoms and Treatment

delirium tremens alcohol withdrawal

Withdrawal. Simply upon hearing the world, many unpleasant images and ideas come to mind. However, people are often unclear as to what withdrawal actually means. They wonder about symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and about what reactions this might develop in the person struggling with alcohol addiction. Does it affect psychological functioning or only physical?  Can it happen to any drinker?  How … Read More

What Is Binge Drinking And How Is It Treated?

Drunk man asleep at a table. Alcoholism

It’s associated with wild college students, but it’s more prevalent and wide-ranging than many initially think. Binge drinking. This incidence occurs when a few drinks turn into many drinks and is characterized by compulsive behavior. People wonder if binge drinkers are alcoholics or alcohol dependent or if this type of drinking can be called a disease or a mental illness. Some … Read More