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Low-Cost Drug Rehab in Central Florida at Orlando Recovery Center

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The ongoing pandemic has led to new or increased mental health symptoms for Floridians. In a recent survey,78%of South Florida residents said COVID-19 impacted their mental health, citing anxiety, depression, loneliness and sleep issues as symptoms. Many, throughout the state, point to isolation, uncertainty, fear and financial stress as causes for declining mental health. Over40%of respondents increased their drug or alcohol use to cope with mental health concerns, but this behavior can easily transition to a substance use disorder.

There were still over a million unemployed Floridians in July. Without a stable income or health insurance, finding addiction or mental health treatment can feel daunting. Some people continue the spiral of addiction without knowing there are other options. Through state-funded programs, payment plans, grants, loans and even free rehab, it’s possible to attend drug rehab in Florida without insurance.

Low-Cost Rehab Options

The most affordable rehab facilities in Florida make treatment more accessible in a few ways. They may offer clients the ability to pay on a sliding fee scale or use a repayment plan that makes payments more manageable. Some facilities will allow clients to take out a loan to pay for services. State- or federally-funded programs often offer lower-cost or free services to those in need. 

One of the best resources available is the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration treatment services locator tool. Users can enter their city or ZIP code and use filters to find affordable options in their area.

State-Funded Programs

State-funded rehabs in Florida often offer addiction treatment at lower costs than private facilities. The Florida Department of Children and Families offers resources for local state- and community-based programs throughout Florida to help you locate a low-cost facility. Additionally, unemployed or low-income residents may qualify for Medicaid or an affordable or even free health insurance plan through the marketplace on

Teletherapy or Online Rehab

Teletherapy has been growing in popularity as a solution for people in need of counseling. Enjoying online therapy at home can save the client money on travel and childcare costs. Some online treatment providers can even prescribe medication-assisted treatment to help clients maintain recovery.

Though platforms like Talkspace can be effective for mental health concerns, the professionals may not specialize in addiction treatment. Orlando Recovery Center has created a telehealth app to address this need. Our licensed therapists and counselors are trained to treat substance use disorders and mental health conditions at the same time.

Free Rehabilitation

Some community-based organizations may offer free rehab in Florida for those in the greatest financial need. Support groups are also free resources that can help people learn about recovery strategies, find a sense of community and begin the path toward long-term sobriety.

Grant and Loan Programs

SAMHSA provides drug rehab grants to states throughout the country. Florida most recently received nearly $2 million in grant funds for substance use prevention and treatment. These grants help increase access to care and give more Floridians a chance to receive life-saving treatment. Additionally, some facilities will allow clients to take out a drug rehab loan to pay for their care.

What to Expect With Low-Cost Options

Many private rehab facilities offer a variety of amenities to make each client’s stay more comfortable. They may offer specialized treatment programs and a wider range of therapy options. These extra services come at a premium price and are usually covered through health insurance providers.

Low-cost options can still offer life-saving addiction treatment and care, but they are unlikely to have all the extras included at a private facility, such as well-appointed rooms, recreational facilities, exercise equipment, chef-prepared meals, long-term stays and similar services. They may also have more limited lengths-of-stay and higher requirements for admission. 

The Most Important Goal Is to Get Better

Attending rehab is always better than the alternative of descending deeper into a dangerous addiction. The cost of recovery is low compared to the ongoing financial, physical and mental strain of continuing to use substances. 

If you are looking for a rehab treatment in Central Florida, Orlando Recovery Center is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about treatment plans and programs that can suit your needs and help you begin the path toward lifelong recovery.