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Humana is one of the largest providers of health insurance in the nation. The company recently announced they were leaving the state health insurance exchanges created under the Affordable Care Act. However, Humana still provides different types of insurance coverage, including group coverage offered by businesses.

The creation of the Affordable Care Act expanded requirements for health insurance providers to cover mental health and substance abuse services. These services are now essential health benefits. These requirements apply to plans available in the marketplace, but most plans outside of the marketplace also have a similar level of coverage.

All marketplace plans require coverage for behavioral health treatment including counseling and psychotherapy. Marketplace plans cover mental and behavioral health inpatient services along with substance use disorder treatment.

Does Humana Cover Drug and Alcohol Detox?

When someone is dependent on drugs or alcohol, they may benefit from inpatient detox or a supervised outpatient detox program.

In many cases, Humana covers some or all of the costs of drug and alcohol detox. The amount of coverage a person has for drug and alcohol detox depends on a few factors, including the state they live in and the specific policy they have. The level of coverage can vary between different Humana plans.

One aspect to take note of is that Humana won’t often cover out-of-network care. However, Humana has a network of tens of thousands of in-network providers. A portion or all of the costs of care are covered when someone uses one of those in-network providers. A Humana policyholder may be transferred to an in-network treatment center or service provider if they initially seek out-of-network care.

Benefits Offered from Humana for Addiction Treatment

Humana offers a set of services and coverage called Humana Behavioral Health. More than 65,000 care providers are part of the behavioral health network for Humana.

Issues most commonly covered by behavioral health programs and services include anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, alcohol misuse and drug abuse.

Behavioral health benefits include access to a network of providers including mental health and substance abuse programs as well as the coordination of treatment and services including inpatient care and hospitalization.

Will Humana Cover My Entire Stay for Addiction Treatment?

There are different types of addiction treatment programs available. Some of the types of treatment and programs Humana may cover include:

  • Inpatient detox for drugs and alcohol
  • Outpatient detox
  • Inpatient addiction treatment
  • Outpatient rehab
  • Aftercare including therapy and medication management

Humana usually requires pre-authorization to cover the cost of addiction treatment. In the rare case Humana approves out-of-network addiction treatment, the out-of-pocket costs and co-pays will be higher for the insured individual.

The amount of coverage Humana provides, and how long of an inpatient stay they will cover, depends on the specific plan a person has. While it is usually necessary for a patient to select an in-network rehab center, that doesn’t mean they have to stay local, and they can often go out-of-state for treatment.

Orlando Recovery Center may be an in-network provider for your Humana health care plan.

Find Out More About What My Humana Insurance Plan Covers

To learn about your coverage from Humana, contact our admissions specialists at Orlando Recovery Center. We can coordinate with your insurance company to help obtain pre-authorizations, information about costs covered and what you may be responsible for paying out-of-pocket.

Orlando Recovery Center works with most insurance providers, and our staff can complete pre-enrollment paperwork as well. Contact our admissions team today for more information.



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