Multiplan Addiction Treatment Coverage

Multiplan Addiction Treatment Coverage

Multiplan is a third-party health care company that connects insurance plans and providers to decrease the costs associated with health care. Multiplan has a preferred provider network (PPO) that includes health care providers and insurance plans. The Multiplan network allows for more options of services for people who have an insurance plan within the network.

While Multiplan does offer benefits for people, it is not an insurance company and does not provide coverage for medical care.

Does Multiplan Cover Drug and Alcohol Detox?

Multiplan does not cover drug and alcohol detoxification because it is not an insurance company. Your coverage for detox depends on your specific insurance plan, where you’ll receive treatment and other factors like the length of care. However, Multiplan can be beneficial to people who are in need of addiction treatment services.

Benefits Offered From Multiplan for Addiction Treatment

If your insurance plan is within the Multiplan network, you can obtain treatment from any health care provider who is also a part of the Multiplan network regardless of whether your insurance company contracts directly with that provider. Having an insurance company within the network means you can access reduced-cost care from a detox facility that is also part of the Multiplan network. Look for the Multiplan logo on your insurance card to see if your carrier is part of the network.

Will Multiplan Cover My Entire Stay for Addiction Treatment?

Multiplan does not cover any medical services, including addiction treatment. The length of stay covered for rehab depends mainly on your insurance plan. If your plan does provide coverage for addiction treatment, there are various lengths of time that it may cover. Each person’s rehab plan is different and their length of stay may vary.

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Find out More About What My Multiplan Insurance Plan Covers

Multiplan is a third-party network, which means there is not a Multiplan insurance plan. However, Multiplan does partner with insurance companies and health care providers to provide people with access to affordable medical care. If you’re unsure whether your insurance plan is part of the Multiplan network, there is a list on the company’s website of all participating providers and plans.