Why is Cocaine So Addictive?

Last Updated: April 29, 2024

Being under the influence of cocaine is a mind, body and soul experience whether users realize it or not. Cocaine has instant effects on the entire body of a person who is on it. There are physical, emotional and chemical reactions that happen immediately to someone who takes cocaine and this all-encompassing state of being, while under the influence, is why cocaine is so addictive.


When you do cocaine, the brain releases extra stores of dopamine, which create feelings of instant euphoria and happiness. This chemical release into the brain is related to motivation and reward; thus is a path where addiction is almost always born.

In almost all cases of drug abuse dopamine is involved, as it is a pleasure pathway that tremendously affects how we communicate with the world and ourselves. Dopamine is released into our brains as part of our natural inner rewards system and the feelings it creates automatically become tied to the stimulus, which in this case is cocaine.


Paired with the chemical release of dopamine to the brain, our bodies experience a jolt of increased energy after doing any amount of cocaine. This energy and fake sense of motivation is what our bodies use to dance harder, talk faster and stay up all night, which makes a cocaine bender seem like some of the most fun you’ll ever have.

You feel more in tune with your senses, you can drink a lot more, stay up later and appear to have much more vigor. Your body feels like you are invincible and this creates a sense that you’re the “life of the party.”

Cocaine can become addictive, and it is an unhealthy way to lose weight, which often appeals to people, especially those in a weight driven professions such as modeling, bartending or promoting.


As a recovered addict, I can tell you first hand that using cocaine and the lifestyle built around it, became one of the hardest parts of breaking the habit and the addiction.

Cocaine creates what seems like, a secret society for you to belong to, that your soul can falsely relate to. What I mean by that is, you walk into an after-party, only to find people there that you never thought you would see “there,” and people “just like you,” who want to use and carry on within this society you have found to be a part of. This can give you a strange sense of comfort you don’t experience anywhere else.

In those hours, usually the wee morning ones, you may feel like you fit in. You may have conversations and ramblings with people on what you perceive to be a “deep level” that you might otherwise not speak with or get to know. This sense of community and conversation creates a sense of deep connection that most users do not feel in the outside world.

To me, perhaps more than anything, this is what hooks you: the connection your soul feels. This is one very strong reason why cocaine is so addictive. It grants us the connection to ourselves, others, and a tribe of strangers who we feel we have bonded with after using together, that we all so desperately crave.

The good news is: breaking cocaine addiction is possible and attainable. Recovery helps you see that you can have the same mind, body and soul experience without the need of cocaine or other drugs. Treatment programs help you to discover how to create the same connection to yourself and others in a healthy, sober environment.

Contact us today to learn more about our addiction treatment programs for cocaine addiction and how you can change an unhealthy lifestyle into one where you feel more connected to your own health, well-being, and a new sense of community.

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