Meth Addiction Treatment and Rehab in Orlando

Methamphetamines are potent stimulant drugs that affect the central nervous system. Some methamphetamines are available as prescriptions used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. Meth is also distributed illegally in a form called  crystal methamphetamine, which is often referred to simply as “meth.”

Meth Treatment

When someone uses crystal meth, they will likely experience an extremely euphoric high and a rush of energy and alertness. Meth has a fast and powerful effect on the central nervous system. Along with this euphoric high, meth can also cause symptoms similar to mania and psychosis. Many of the effects of meth are the result of the drug triggering a release of serotonin and dopamine into the brain, both of which are feel-good neurotransmitters.

Unfortunately, meth is one of the most dangerous drugs available today. Meth can damage to the

Meth is also incredibly addictive. Someone who uses meth only once may become addicted. It’s a drug that frequently leads to patterns of binging. Once the high of the drug wears off, it can cause comedown and withdrawal symptoms that are uncomfortable and psychologically difficult to manage. This may lead a person to use more meth to avoid these symptoms. When someone is addicted to meth, their use is compulsive, or no longer in their control. This is, in part, due to the serious changes in the brain’s structure and functionality that meth causes.

Meth addiction can be treated, but typically requires a professional setting. The objective of meth addiction treatment is to help the person stop using drugs but also remain drug-free in the long term. Addiction treatment should provide the tools and resources for a participant to return to their lives and families.

Inpatient and Outpatient Meth Addiction Treatment

The two most common types of meth rehab programs are inpatient and outpatient treatment. Inpatient rehab tends to be more intensive and structured than outpatient rehab. For many people with a meth addiction, inpatient rehab may be the best starting point in the treatment process. Inpatient meth addiction treatment centers require patients to check into the facility and stay overnight for a period of time. The days are scheduled and regimented, and patients live in the facility on a full-time basis. Inpatient meth addiction treatment may begin with medical detox. It can include a combination of group and individual therapy, as well as supplemental therapies.

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Outpatient rehab doesn’t require participants to check into the treatment facility. Instead, clients participate in scheduled sessions throughout the week. Outpatient rehab can take many different formats. It may be primarily group therapy or individual counseling. Some people may start their treatment plan with outpatient rehab while others may go to an inpatient program first and then move to an outpatient level of care when they’re ready. Everyone’s treatment journey is unique. However, meth rehab statistics do show that staying in treatment for long enough is a big factor in improved outcomes.

Meth Addiction Treatment Centers in Orlando

When someone is looking for meth addiction treatment centers in Orlando, different considerations should be kept in mind. First, addiction is highly complex. It affects a person’s physical and mental health. It also affects their relationships, behavior and lifestyle. It’s essential to go to a treatment facility that is equipped to address the full complexity of meth addiction.

Meth can also lead to the emergence of symptoms similar to a psychological disorder. If someone has a pre-existing psychological disorder and they become addicted to meth, it can worsen their symptoms. A meth addiction treatment center with dual diagnosis care can be important to address these psychological symptoms and ensure they’re fully managed. In many cases, going to a qualified treatment center can significantly improve the meth rehab success rates.

How Much Does Meth Rehab Cost?

The cost of meth rehab can vary quite a bit. Some of the factors that play a role in the cost of meth treatment include:

  • The type of treatment facility
  • The length of the treatment program a person will participate in
  • Whether or not the rehab center offers amenities and supplemental therapies
  • Whether a person is receiving inpatient or outpatient meth treatment

There isn’t one set price range for all forms of treatment, and along with the center itself, the individual and their mental and physical health needs also play a role in the cost of rehab.

Does Insurance Cover Rehab for Meth Addiction?

Many insurance plans will provide coverage for addiction treatment programs, including rehab for meth addiction. Insurance policies might cover the costs of meth addiction treatment or a portion of the costs. To determine if an insurance policy will cover the cost of addiction treatment, contact their insurance company as well as the rehab center they would like to attend.

Even when someone doesn’t have insurance or their insurance won’t cover the cost of rehab, there are often other payment options available. For example, some rehab centers may be able to work with new patients to create flexible payment plans.

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